Ordering Process

  • You submit your order via the website.
  • Once payment is received, we process this order with the manufacturer.
  • Once production is complete, we usually receive factory photos, which we send on to you.
  • We receive a tracking number for the import and delivery of the order, which we send on to you.
  • We pay all import duties and taxes for E.U. orders on the fully declared value (many others do not).
  • We will contact you to confirm that all is well with your order after delivery.
  • An optional indirect shipping alternative is available to E.U. customers as described on our Delivery Information page.

Payment Methods

We typically receive payment as:

  • Bank Transfer - We supply you with any details required.

Additional payment options are being considered for future inclusion, please let us know your preference!

Issue Resolution

If there are any issues with your order, please contact us as soon as you can.

If there is any transit damage (Couriers are the bane of this industry) then we will need:
  • Pictures of the damage;
  • Pictures of the outside of the box;
  • Pictures of the inside of the box;
With this we will be in a position to claim on manufacturer or courier insurance and replace your order for you.

If there is anything wrong with your doll, such as:
  • Broken joints/limbs/fingers;
  • Loose Joints;
  • Wrong doll body or head;
Please contact us as soon as you can and we will work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Typically this will result in replacement.

The-Doll-House guarantee

We guarantee your doll will be as ordered, and if there is any dissatisfaction due to a fault from our side (The-Doll-House or the Manufacturer) you are entitled to a full refund, and we will arrange collection of the order.

If you receive your order, and feel that it simply is not for you, you can have a refund from The-Doll-House - on the provision that it has not been used.

Please be aware that Phil Bass of The-Doll-House UK is a qualified Pharmacologist, and has a wealth of techniques to employ to know if you have used the doll.

Used dolls are not eligible to be returned for a full refund, as they are then designated as pre-owned (2nd hand).

This does not affect any statutory rights that you already have.

Our aim is to provide an excellent standard of customer service, and if we fall short of this, we will endeavor to resolve any issues that you may have.

How To Measure For A Bra

How to measure for a bra.

You need two measurements to calculate your bra size: band and cup. Use a tailor’s tape measure to take these measurements. Keep the tape parallel to the floor, do not pull it tight, and measure against the skin for the most accurate results.

Bra size measurement can be an involved topic with various measurement methods and different standards around the world. For more detailed information, you may wish to read about it on Wikipedia:



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