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Our aim is to offer, support and promote accessible and enjoyable adult doll ownership.

The-Doll-House NL is a retailer of affordable luxury sex dolls for the discerning customer. Our aim is to offer, support and promote accessible and enjoyable adult doll ownership for those who have the interest.

We have close business relationships with the manufacturers of these dolls, thus removing the need for a wholesaler/middleman. This allows us to save on costs and pass this on to the customer, while maintaining a high standard of quality and service.

The-Doll-House UK, franchisor of The-Doll-House NL and a growing number of franchisees around the world, operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Autumn Lords Associates Ltd., which have been in business over seven years.

The-Doll-House Locations Worldwide

UK - United Kingdom: https://www.the-doll-house.com/

DC - District of Columbia, U.S.A.: https://dc.the-doll-house.com/

NL - The Netherlands, E.U.: https://nl.the-doll-house.com/

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