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Manufacturers halt production each year for a few weeks during the celebrations.
This year the celebrations will last until Februari 16th.
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Retailer of premium quality, realistic, fully articulated, kinaesthetically convincing, anatomically correct luxury dolls.

The-Doll-House NL is a retailer of premium quality, realistic, fully articulated, kinaesthetically convincing, anatomically correct luxury dolls for sex and companionship. We offer a variety of TPE and silicone dolls from some of the finest manufacturers available.

Please find our dolls, accessories and more via the main menu at the top of the page. Or read on below for further introductions.

Our selection of doll brands includes:

  • TPE Material (Thermoplastic Elastomer):
    • JinSan
      • WM Dolls
      • YL Doll (Your Doll) 
      • OR Doll (Oriental Rose) 
    • Doll4Ever
      • DollHouse168
      • Doll Forever
      • Piper Doll
    • 6Ye Premium
    • Climax Doll

  • Silicone Material:
    • DS Doll (Doll Sweet)
    • JM Doll (Joy Model)
    • Z-Onedoll
    • Sanhui Dolls

The brands, individual models or options that are not (yet) listed in the website catalog can usually be ordered by contacting us with your specifications. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

Note: Free worldwide shipping for all doll orders. Import VAT for destinations within the E.U. are handled by us. Destinations outside of the E.U. may be subject to added import duties/taxes depending on your location.

All sales and services by The-Doll-House NL are subject to our Terms & Conditions.
For all JinSan dolls (WM, YL, OR):

- Up to nine accessories at a significant discount. Perfect for mixing and matching some extra wigs, eyes, spare inserts and more.


Dolls can be customized to your individual preference with various options such as head, hair, body type, skin color, eye color, nail polish and more, depending on the doll brand. We also offer a range of accessories including extra wigs, eyes, inserts and maintenance articles for an optimal doll experience.

Most doll bodies are cast as a single piece, usually without the head. It is this mold that determines body type. The available body types are commonly designated by their height in centimeters (with head). This means that body type is tied to doll height for each brand. Although there are often variations of the same doll height, for example with different breast sizes.

All dolls on our website are arranged by height. Start by finding your preferred combination of head and body type. The various doll brands offer a plethora of further customization options as well. You will be able to select these and read their detailed descriptions on the individual page for each doll.

Some of our pages include a "Doll Builder" to allow you to select your own custom combination of head and body. If you prefer a certain combination that is not listed in the catalog and not possible with the "Doll Builder", please feel free to contact us. In many cases, heads and bodies from the same manufacturer can be freely exchanged, and the pictures in the catalog merely represent preselected combinations. In some cases, even heads and bodies from different brands can be combined. So by all means, do ask!

Silicone or TPE 

There are several factors to consider when deciding between TPE and silicone dolls, aside from the selection of available dolls. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, neither of them is strictly better than the other, so in the end it comes down to personal preference. 

  • What both materials have in common is that they readily adjust to your body temperature, are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and environment-friendly. They do need to be well dried after cleaning to prevent the possibility of mould growth. And it is advised to treat periodically with talcum/baby powder or corn starch to keep it smooth to the touch.
  • Silicone is a tried and true material in the world of love dolls. It is less maintenance-intensive than TPE and more resistant to abrasion and heat. But it is also more expensive, and tends to have an unnatural sheen and feel more rigid.
  • TPE is a relative newcomer but quickly growing in popularity. It tends to be more flexible and soft, which grants added realism and "jiggle". In the event of tearing, it can be mended using a TPE solvent. But unlike silicone it is porous, which makes it prone to staining and difficult to sterilize. Also, it is strongly advised to maintain its long-term mineral oil content by treating periodically with baby oil, and high-stress areas with petroleum jelly (vaseline).

Why Sex Dolls / Love Dolls 

There are any number of potential benefits to doll ownership, sexual and otherwise, for males and females, singles and couples, and everyone in between.
We provide dolls that have a fully posable metal skeleton, and strong enough joints to support their own weight. Together with the TPE or silicone material of the skin and flesh, this gives the dolls a very lifelike look and feel.

These dolls have such realism that they are used as fashion and art models, and serve as many an artist's Muse. They can be dressed and maintain their position all day long without fail. Perfect for photographers, painters, artists wishing to work with a beautiful model while they master their craft. All art and imagery produced with these dolls is free of any licensing, and the artist retains the rights to their work.

There are any number of potential benefits to doll ownership, sexual and otherwise, for males and females, singles and couples, and everyone in between. Including for example:

  • Couples wishing to experiment and spice up their love life.
  • Single, divorced and widowed people wishing to safely express their natural desire of affection, intimacy and companionship.
  • People in or out of a relationship with different needs or limitations.
  • People wishing to explore their sexuality and unfulfilled fantasies.
  • People wishing to counter premature ejaculation and improve stamina.
  • People wishing to counter addiction to pornography.
  • People wishing to overcome inconfidence in bed.
  • People who spend significant time away from their spouse.
  • People wishing for sexual release without a spouse or sex worker. 

Dolls are a safe and comparatively inexpensive alternative to traditional relationships. A doll can dependably meet these genuine human needs without associated risks such as losing your property and freedom in a divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, false accusations of sexual offenses, unwanted pregnancies, blackmail, and all the drama that relationships often bring with them.

It is not uncommon to have reservations about venturing into new territory. Once the initial barrier is overcome, many people report being all the happier for it, perhaps even in ways that they did not expect. And their lives improve markedly as a result.
What would you like do with your doll today?
What would you like do with your doll today?


Feel free to contact us at any time. We receive many questions about our dolls, customization options, aftercare, and all kinds of things. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

Click below for contact details. If you prefer, you can also use our anonymous chat function in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Fake Dolls 

The-Doll-House is an accredited vendor at:

The Doll Forum

The largest online community of doll owners and enthusiasts, and definitive resource on adult dolls since 2001.

Please be aware that there are many unscrupulous dealers of so-called "TPE and/or Silicone Sex Dolls", who steal the imagery from manufacturers in order to advertise what looks like the original doll brand.

Instead, these "vendors" (such as those found at Alibaba, Shopoza, Ovdoll) supply you with a cheap replica, or simply take your money and not supply you with anything.

The-Doll-House NL lies within the legal jurisdiction of The Netherlands and the European Union.

All doll images on this website are of the actual dolls for sale from the original manufacturers. All depicted positions can be achieved naturally with the doll as sold.


The-Doll-House is an accredited vendor at The Doll Forum.
We have dolls of many different shapes and sizes. Slender, voluptuous, petite, robust, male, female, various racial features, the list goes on.

Aside from personal preference, there are also practical considerations in choosing a doll, such as cost, weight and clothing size.

The one thing that all our dolls have in common, is that they all represent human beings over the age of consent. We do not supply childlike dolls.

In Short 

  • Discreet payment and shipping.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • Free import into the E.U., no hidden costs.
  • Solid range of quality brands.
  • TDF Accredited.
  • Original manufacturer guarantee.
  • Excellent customer service.